Polymer and Metal AM Market 2023 (Bundle)

Published on: February 2024
  • 899 polymer and 444 metal AM companies studied.
  • In 2022, polymer generated over $5.5 billion and metal generated over $2.8 billion.
  • Polymer market expected to grow to $45 billion by 2032 at 23.3% CAGR.
  • Metal market expected to grow to over $40 billion by 2032 at 30% CAGR.

These new market studies from VoxelMatters provide an in-depth analysis and forecast of the three core segments of the polymer and metal additive manufacturing market.

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About the bundle

VoxelMatters’ newly updated studies on the polymer and metal additive manufacturing segments, collecting information on sales and business activities from all major companies operating in these segments today, are also available as a bundle.

The new studies, based on VoxelMatters’ updated database of core polymer and metal AM companies (AM hardware, AM materials and AM services), provide the most comprehensive analyses and forecasts of the global AM market.

The polymer AM segment is projected to grow from $5.5 billion in 2022 to $45 billion in revenues by 2032, at 23.3% CAGR. Whilst the metal AM segment is expected to grow from $2.8 billion to over $40 billion in revenues, growing at 30% CAGR during the same period.

About the polymer AM report

This newly updated, 350+ page report on polymer additive Manufacturing (AM)—featuring almost 200 charts and data tables—provides an in-depth analysis of the rapidly growing sector, focusing on key industrial segments such as automotive, medical, dental, consumer and design products. The study closely examines the transition of polymer materials in additive manufacturing towards serial and mass manufacturing.

Leveraging VoxelMatters Directory—the largest global directory of verified AM companies with nearly 7,000 listings—our research team identified 233 hardware manufacturers, 211 material suppliers, and 455 service providers (899 in total, of which 781 unique companies including 42 new companies from the previous edition). The dataset underlying this market study encompasses over 190,000 data points (63,000+ for hardware, 52,000+ for materials, and 78,000+ for AM services), offering one of the most comprehensive and accurate overviews of the current polymer AM global market.

Prominent and up-and-coming companies featured in the report include:
3D Systems, 3DXTECH, Airtech, Anycubic, Arkema, BASF, Bambu Lab, Caracol, Carbon, CMS, Creality, CRP, ETEC (Desktop Metal), EOS, Evonik, FIT, Flashforge, Formlabs, Forecast3D, HP, Jabil Additive, Markforged, Materialise, Mitsubishi MCPP, OECHSLER, Photocentric, Polymaker, Protolabs, Prototal, Prusa Research, Quickparts, SABIC, Shapeways, Solvay, Stratasys, Ultimaker, UnionTech & UnionFab, and WeNext.

About the metal AM report

The newly updated 300+ page report—features over 170 charts and data tables—focuses on all metal technologies and materials used in additive manufacturing to produce prototypes, tools and end-use parts across multiple key industrial segments including aerospace, automotive, medical, dental, energy and consumer products.

By leveraging VoxelMatters Directory—the largest global directory of verified AM companies, currently comprising nearly 7,000 companies—the research team identified 444 companies (387 unique) that operate extensively in the core metal AM sector and its key segments: 132 hardware manufacturers, 73 material suppliers, and 239 service providers. In total, the underlying dataset for this market study comprises over 56,000 data points, providing one of the most accurate snapshots of the current metal AM global market.

Leading and emerging companies addressed in the report include:

3D Systems, ATI Specialty Materials, Bright Laser Technologies, Carpenter Additive, Desktop Metal and ExOne, DMG MORI, EOS, Falcontech, FIT, GE Additive, HBD, Höganäs, Linde (Praxair), Oerlikon, Quickparts, Sandvik, Sintavia, SLM Solutions, Stratasys Direct, Toolcraft, TRUMPF, Velo3D and many others.

To learn more about the scope of these studies and the methodology behind this research please contact us. Details about both reports, including the full tables of contents and figures, are available here for polymer AM and here for metal AM. Insight documents of the reports are available upon request.

Details about both reports, including the full tables of contents and figures, are available here for polymer and here for metal.


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