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The state of the additive manufacturing market

The global core AM market generated $10.77 billion in revenues in 2023 (across hardware, materials and services in polymer, metal and ceramic), growing by 23.6% and representing a niche but already relevant business opportunity. Growth is expected to accelerate at 25.7% in 2024 and continue over the next decade.

  • $5.11 billion revenue generated by AM hardware

  • $1.98 billion revenue generated by AM materials

  • $3.68 billion revenue generated by AM services

Including sales to vertical end-users

Data & Methodology

How we collect our market data and information

As a leading media company in the AM industry we can leverage our network of key industry stakeholders. We send out surveys to our contacts at thousands of companies. We combine and compare this data with data from all publicly available sources, including our own daily industry coverage. We then input this data into our proprietary analysis and forecast models to fill in any missing information.

Who are the reports for?

From startups to multi-nationals, our reports have helped companies identify market trends and inform their AM strategy.


Manufacturers looking to implement AM

Additive manufacturing is now ripe for adoption in every key segment of manufacturing. If you are looking to add AM in your current workflow, we can help you rapidly and accurately identify the most suitable technologies and materials to gain a key competitive advantage.


Companies looking to get into the AM industry

Manufacturing companies are now looking seriously at additive manufacturing as the next key area of growth and development. Our reports help these companies identify the highest growth industry segments, the most in-demand technologies and the key materials to inform strategic decisions on how and where to enter the market.


AM companies doing competitive analysis

Our market reports offer valuable insights into the additive manufacturing industry, including current market trends, emerging technologies, key players and forecasts. By leveraging this information, leading and emerging AM companies can make informed decisions about their AM strategy, gain a competitive edge, and stay ahead of the curve.


VCs looking to identify the next billion-dollar opportunity

We support investment companies that are looking for the disruptive production technologies and applications that will fuel the next billion dollar manufacturing company. By continuously tracking every segment of the market, our market studies can provide business cases and an overview of the business potential over the next 10-year period.